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Delivery Dilemma

Welcome to the exciting race of Delivery Dilemma! You and Spongebob compete with other racers, reaching the finish line without getting run off the road.

Playing Delivery Dilemma

Delivery Dilemma places you in a bustling city overflowing with packages. Your objective? Deliver them all as fast as possible while navigating traffic, pedestrians, and the occasional wacky obstacle. But be warned, this ain't your average delivery app simulation! As you progress through levels, the pressure mounts. More deliveries get added to your itinerary, and the city environments become increasingly complex. Traffic jams, jaywalking pigeons, and surprise downpours will test your reflexes and ability to prioritize.

Immerse in The Game

Master the Mayhem

  • Earn in-game currency to upgrade your trusty delivery vehicle for better speed and handling.
  • The game allows you to plan your delivery route before setting off, ensuring an optimized path to maximize efficiency.
  • Collect helpful power-ups scattered throughout the city. These can grant you a temporary speed boost, slow down time, or even repair minor vehicle damage.
  • Delivery Dilemma isn't just about speed, and it's about strategy and adaptation. As you become a delivery whiz, you can unlock new levels, different city districts to explore, and even a variety of wacky costumes for your character.

How to control

  • Use the spacebar for a special attack.
  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • In addition, there are some power-ups for you like start burst, pickles, fish oil slick, and time bonus.

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