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Speed Master

Speed Master brings exciting speed experiences to gamers. Harsh racing tracks and strong opponents are always factors that attract more and more gamers.

Racing in Speed Master

For players who are passionate about speed and supercars, Speed Master is a perfect choice. Choose and unlock your own supercar, and conquer the game's harsh racetracks with it. At this racetrack, players need to confront many different opponents. Your mission is to conquer as much distance as possible so you can earn more points. You can even achieve the highest possible achievements.

The core gameplay revolves around navigating increasingly intricate levels at breakneck speeds. Using a combination of precise jumps, well-timed dodges, and strategic power-ups, you'll need to outmanoeuvre obstacles and enemies before the clock runs out.

Endless replayability

With a diverse range of levels, each offering unique challenges and objectives, Speed Master offers endless replayability. Compete against your friends for the fastest times on the global leaderboards, or hone your skills in solo mode for ultimate bragging rights. If you're looking for an online game that will challenge your reflexes, ignite your strategic thinking, and leave you breathless with its frantic pace, then Speed Master is the game for you. So, buckle up, get ready to push your limits, and become the ultimate Speed Master!

Pixel Speedrun is also a fast-paced game worth trying, give it a try!

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