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Run Of Life

What is Run Of Life?

Run Of Life is a running game with impressive content. The game will help you experience human life with different choices. What kind of life will you choose?

During important milestones in life, different choices will make you have a different life. And the game Run Of Life was built with similar content. Perhaps that is also the reason why this game receives attention and interest from gamers. Are you ready to live different lives in this game?

Immerse yourself in Run Of Life

Joining the game, you will start your journey from when you were just a baby. After that, each decision you make will shape your entire life in the game. For example, if you want to experience the life of a man, at the first gate you will help the baby choose a toy, a ball. On the contrary, if you want to be a woman, you will choose a doll toy.

After that, there will be a series of other career choices or even life habits. Do you wish to become a pilot, a successful businessman, or a doctor? In particular, at the end of the road of Run Of Life, there is the image of your character meeting Jesus, which is also the final images of the characters' lives. However, if you want your character to have a long life, players need to choose a healthy lifestyle and stay away from eating fast food.

In fact, Run Of Life is also a game that reflects real life. Just like in the game, every decision you make will affect your future. So, make the right choice! If you want to participate in a running game but not as fast as Pixel Speedrun, you can try Run Of Life!