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Fish Eat Fish

What is Fish Eat Fish?

Fish Eat Fish is an interesting survival game. The player controls a cute fish, helps it become bigger and bigger and dominates the vast ocean.

This game impresses with attractive gameplay and eye-catching graphics. That is the first feeling that gamers can see as soon as they access Fish Eat Fish. However, if you immerse yourself in the game and spend more time with it, you will notice that this arcade game has many more interesting features. Get ready to conquer the ocean with Fish Eat Fish!

Join the battle for survival in Fish Eat Fish

About the game context

Fish Eat Fish is set in a vast and beautiful ocean. There are many different marine creatures living here. In particular, each fish represents a gamer. In addition, there are many other sea creatures, such as algae, shrimp, crabs, clams, octopuses, etc. Coming to this game, you will immerse yourself in the vast ocean and try to become the hegemon here.

How to get bigger?

The condition for you to survive in this war of survival is not to suffer any oppression from other fish. However, you need a whole process to achieve that goal. Right from the start of the game, your fish is just a small creature. If you know how to help it, you can make it bigger and stronger. At that time, other fish not only cannot bully you but also have to automatically stay away from you.

Join Fish Eat Fish, the bigger fish will have the right to kill other fish. Therefore, if you want to be a master, you need to eat a lot to grow quickly. Players need to help their fish eat marine life, such as starfish, clams, and other small fish. Please note that you can only attack fish that are smaller than you.

Fish Eat Fish game is considered one of the fast-paced and extremely impressive 3D games. If you are interested in fast-paced games, don't miss out, as well as Pixel Speedrun and Angry Gran Run.

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