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The Speed Ninja

About The Speed Ninja

The Speed Ninja is an engaging running game. You are a ninja, and you need to run and jump over the rooftops to reach the finish line of the game.

Ninja is always one of the most exploited topics in the gaming industry. Once again, the image of a ninja appears in the game The Speed Ninja! This game focuses mainly on the training process to become a ninja. Therefore, players need to act quickly and accurately. The game was released by Playtouch, one of the most famous and potential game developers. Therefore, you just need to trust and enjoy the game!

How to play The Speed Ninja

Master the game

As a ninja, you need to be really agile to avoid dangers. Coming to The Speed Ninja, the player's mission is to run to the finish line after overcoming countless obstacles. The game is set at night, and you need to run on rooftops. That's why players are more susceptible to danger. If you don't react quickly and firmly, you may fall down. At that point, the game ends.

Furthermore, there are many challenges ahead of you. Sometimes, sharp spikes are attached to walls or crates on top of roofs. Players need to choose a reasonable method to avoid crashing into them but still stay safe and continue running forward. In addition, the game also designs more enemies to ambush you during the game. Either take them out and move forward, or you'll be eliminated. Don't forget to collect coins!

Control instructions

  • Use the Up arrow key to jump.
  • Use the Down arrow key to slide.
  • Use the Right arrow key to attach your enemies.

You know, The Speed Ninja is extremely awesome, it even provides a series of attractive levels for players to slowly enjoy. Thanks to that, you will not repeat the same challenge over and over again, and will not get bored with this game. Speaking of which, I also want to recommend Pixel Speedrun. This game will also be extremely suitable for running gamers.