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Pool Club

Pool Club is a fun billiards game. The clock is running! Your task is to try to put the coloured balls into the holes before time runs out. Good luck!

The Addictive Online Billiards Challenge

If you crave the strategic depth of billiards and the fast-paced fun of online competition, then rack up your cue and head over to Pool Club, a free-to-play online billiards game that will test your skills and keep you entertained for hours.

Pool Club classic gameplay

Pool Club takes the timeless game of eight-ball pool and delivers it in a polished and accessible online format. Simply aim your shot, adjust the power with the cue, and watch the balls cascade across the felt. Using their sticks, players poke the balls so that they roll in the indicated direction. Try to put the balls into the holes, that's your success in this game.

Control instructions

Players can use the mouse to play the game. After aiming in the appropriate direction, drag the mouse toward the star to hit the ball. The stronger the pull, the greater the force to hit the ball.

Challenge The Clock and Yourself

Pool Club offers a unique twist on the classic game. In this fast-paced version, you'll race against the clock to sink as many balls as possible within a 90-second time limit. Every successful pocket earns you points and precious extra seconds to keep the game going.

But be careful - sink the cue ball and face a point penalty! This time pressure adds a layer of excitement and strategic thinking, forcing you to prioritize high-value shots and plan your clearances efficiently. Similar to Pool Club, Pixel Speedrun is also a game where time plays an extremely important role.