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Rowdy Wrestling

Unleash your inner champion in Rowdy Wrestling. It is an arcade game about wrestling. Wacky characters, arcade-style fun, and endless grappling action await!

Playing Rowdy Wrestling

Get ready to suplex your way to the top in Rowdy Wrestling, a free, chaotic online wrestling game that throws you into the heart of the squared circle. No downloads or installations are needed - just hop on Pixel Speedrun and unleash your inner champion.

  • Use the arrow keys to move
  • Use the Z button to land some punches on your opponent
  • When your opponent is stunned, use the Z button to throw them. Throw your opponent out to the ring.
  • Pressing the Z button while jumping will cause a dropkick. Press the up arrow to jump and kick the opponent in the face.
  • Dropkicks do the most damage dropkicks from the top rope are even more powerful.

Choosing Game Modes in Rowdy Wrestling

Rowdy Wrestling throws you right into the action. Choose your wrestling persona and prepare for a brawl across three wild game modes:

Solo Career: Embark on a rags-to-riches journey. Fight your way up the wrestling ranks in one-on-one matches, test your endurance in six-person brawls, and strive to become the Rowdy Wrestling champion.

Solo Royale: It's every wrestler for themself! A frantic free-for-all where you must eliminate opponents by throwing them over the top rope. Be the last wrestler standing to claim the Rumble crown!

2P Versus: You can compete against your friends on the same device.

2P Rumble: Team up with a friend or a random online partner and fight for tag team glory. Coordinate signature moves, strategize takedowns, and dominate the competition.

So if you're looking for a free, fun, and easily accessible wrestling game to play, look no further than Rowdy Wrestling. Similar to Pixel Speedrun, with its chaotic brawls, over-the-top moves, and multiple game modes, it's the perfect online escape for any wrestling aficionado.

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