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Pixel Speedrun

Information about Pixel Speedrun

What is Pixel Speedrun?

Pixel Speedrun is a challenging and fun racing game. You help your cube run and jump to overcome obstacles and reach the getaway gate, and then you will win.

A product of Vendara, released on May 21, 2021, the Pixel Speedrun video game is one of the highly rated games up to this point. If you are a fan of fast-paced and challenging running games, don't miss it!

Guide to play

Each level of the game is a difficult challenge, requiring players to have really good skills and great reflexes. Accompany your character - a small square pixel. Your mission is to help it conquer the levels of the game. Imagine you are lost in a dark maze, where there are dangers lurking for you. Try to get past them and reach the getaway portal to be safe. In this maze, the red-hot lava flow can cook and destroy your cube, don't let it fall into it. In addition, hostile forces will also try to stop you by shooting you. Be careful!

How to control

  • W/ Spacebar/ Up arrow key - Jumping
  • A/ Left arrow key - Running left
  • D/ Right arrow key - Running right
  • Q - Quit
  • P - Pause

Pixel Speedrun's Features

Game modes

This game includes six different game modes. Each mode has its own features and requirements. Their difficulty also differs quite significantly. Which mode of Pixel Speedrun would you like best?

  • Classic Mode: This is the most basic mode of the game. Players will try to complete the goal in the shortest time possible.
  • Collect Mode: The goal of this mode has not changed at all. However, Pixel Speedrun will provide coins scattered throughout each level. You need to collect them all to gain access to the portal.
  • Chaos Mode: It continues to be a breakthrough in game design, so creative! You will face the same challenges as in Classic Mode, but everything in Chaos Mode will become distorted, causing more challenges.
  • Blind Mode: Can you complete the missions of Pixel Speedrun with only your intuition and feel? In this mode, you will not be able to see your character.
  • Practice Mode: Practice first to improve your performance here. However, your results in this mode will not be updated on the leaderboard.
  • Challenges Mode: Challenges are even more difficult for you. This mode seems to be for masters of the game because lava flows are everywhere.

Game's cosmetics

Do you want this game to be more lively? That's entirely possible, but on the condition that your success is good enough. Players can unlock new skins if they complete the game's requirements. For example, beat the Collect Mode, beat the Collect Mode in 10 minutes, beat the Chaos Mode in under 8 minutes, etc. Completing each requirement will unlock a new skin. Similarly, beat the Classic Mode with less than five deaths and beat challenges 2,... to unlock new trails. You can even own special skins. Good luck.

Pixel Speedrun FAQs

1. Where can I play Pixel Speedrun?

The game is now available on our platform. You can access and enjoy this website without downloading or paying.

2. Is Pixel Speedrun difficult to learn?

The controls are simple, making it easy for beginners to pick up. However, mastering the game and achieving top times requires practice, precise timing, and strategic thinking.

3. Is there any online competition?

Absolutely! Pixel Speedrun features leaderboards where you can compete with players worldwide and see how your times stack up.

4. What are some tips for getting better at Pixel Speedrun?

Explore techniques like wall-kicking and super jumps to optimize movement.

Repeat challenging sections to refine your timing and execution.

5. How difficult is Pixel Speedrun?

It's beginner-friendly, but the difficulty ramps up as you progress. Mastering advanced techniques like wall-kicking separates casual players from speedrunning masters.

6. Is there anything to collect in the levels?

While the primary focus is speed, some levels might have secrets to uncover, offering cosmetic rewards like character colours or trails.

Pixel Speedrun Highlights

This game not only allows you to compete fairly with other gamers worldwide, you can also create your own levels. Pixel Speedrun provides a leaderboard that shows the player's achievements in terms of score and time. In particular, the less time gamers spend to master the game, the higher they are rated. However, Pixel Speedrun is even more special when it allows you to level editor. You can create a new level or add a share code to edit it in this tutorial game itself. What could be more wonderful for game lovers?

Wish you happy gaming!

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