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Rooftop Run

Rooftop Run helps you have an exciting parkour running experience. Try to control your character to run to the finish line without falling or being caught.

Engaging Gameplay of Rooftop Run

This is a first-person running game, so all your senses will be truly stimulated when participating in this game. Are you ready?

Coming to Rooftop Run, you will control your character to conquer high-rise buildings. Your task is to run from the rooftop of one building to another until reaching the finish line. However, on the way, you will encounter many difficulties such as obstacles or even the police, you can can get over it. Players need to pay special attention to security characters. They will catch all parkourers like you. If they get caught, the game will end immediately.

Some other useful information for you

  • In Rooftop Run, to control your character, you just need to use the mouse. Whichever direction you move the mouse, the character will run in that direction.
  • On top of the buildings, if you run into the high jumping platforms, you can jump from one building to another without worrying about falling.
  • Running into acceleration zones will help you experience great speed.
  • Don't let your character fall from the top of the building, he will most likely be in danger.

Rooftop Run is not the only fast-paced running game, Pixel Speedrun and OvO Game are also prominent titles in this field. Have you ever experienced those games? If not, check them out now and then give us your feedback!