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Crab Game

Crab Game Survival Run

Crab Game is an extremely attractive and thrilling game. Can you overcome the challenges, or will you be shot down immediately? You only have 60 seconds.

How to play

You and other players are prisoners in this game. You guys need to join in an extremely thrilling and harsh survival game. For 60 seconds, a giant doll will sing and turn its head. While she is singing, you can move and run forward. However, as soon as she turns around, all your actions need to stop immediately. If you move, the two guards will immediately open fire on you. If in those 60 seconds, you can run to the finish line, you will be safe. But any player who cannot reach the finish line within that time is all shot.


Use the mouse to control your character.

Shopping in Crab Game

After each participant participates in this survival game, the players receive coins. Depending on your performance, the longer you can survive in Crab Game, the more coins you will receive. In particular, if you are the winning player, you can receive more coins. Players can shop in Crab Game's store with those coins. Buy new skins for your character, and make him more fashionable and trendy with accessories like hats, headphones, or helmets...

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