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Level Devil

Welcome to Level Devil

Level Devil promises to bring players to a fun but equally thrilling entertainment platform. Control your hero to reach the portal without getting trapped.

Pixel Speedrun is already a fun running game, but Level Devil is even more exciting for gamers. Because the challenges of this game are extremely unexpected, they make players unable to react in time.

Immerse in Level Devil

Reach the gate

Reach gates are the most important goal in your journey at Level Devil. In each level of the game, there is a gate. And there is only one choice, which is to go to that gate, then you will have a chance to escape this maze full of dangers. In the game's maze, obstacles will prevent you from reaching that goal.

More interestingly, they are like pre-programmed switches to confront any intruder. Sometimes you will see obstacles like spikes appearing right before your eyes. However, don't be subjective because of that! As soon as you get close, obstacles may suddenly move and attack, causing you to die there.

Why is Level Devil beloved?

  • It offers the familiar challenge and satisfaction of classic platformers, but with the unique twist of a quirky demonic theme.
  • Procedurally generated levels mean every playthrough is fresh, keeping players coming back for more.
  • Challenges appear unexpectedly, but if you react quickly enough, you can completely overcome them. That is also the reason why the game becomes new, unique and more attractive. Helps players not get bored.
  • The game offers a satisfying challenge that increases in difficulty as you progress. New abilities and tougher enemies keep interesting things.

Level Devil caters to players who enjoy classic platformers but crave a fresh experience. There are many other platform games currently available, most notably Rooftop Run. Will you try it?