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Smash Karts

About Smash Karts

Smash Karts is an extremely interesting and novel racing game. Players drive karts to participate in the battle for survival. Collect weapons and attack enemies!

Get ready to buckle up and unleash your inner champion with Smash Karts, the exhilarating new racing game that injects chaos!

Master the race of Smash Karts


Smash Karts throws you behind the wheel of high-octane karts piloted by your favourite iconic characters - but with a twist! This isn't your average-friendly race. Here, victory is achieved through cunning manoeuvring, strategic use of power-ups, and maybe a healthy dose of mayhem. Race tracks are filled with devious traps, explosive crates, and wacky power-ups designed to turn the tide of the race in an instant.


  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Press the spacebar to attack your enemies.

Mysterious boxes in the game

You'll control your kart with a simple touch-to-steer interface, drifting around corners to gain speed and outmanoeuvre your opponents. But the real fun comes with the power-ups! In the mysterious boxes on the track, there will be a secret weapon. From homing missiles to speed boosts and devastating bombs, these items add a layer of strategic chaos to the race. Learn to use them effectively to gain an edge, and be prepared to dodge the mayhem unleashed by your rivals!

Smash Karts is the perfect game for anyone who enjoys a good racing brawl. Also, if you even love fast-paced running games, don't miss Pixel Speedrun, and Temple Run.