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OvO Game

Start playing OvO Game online now! You will help your character conquer many difficulties and then reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

OvO Game - Introduction

On April 11, 2021, a game titled OvO Game was released by Dedra Games. Such a fast-paced game will truly make players excited. Participating in the game, you need to apply running skills to complete all challenges.

The player's task is to help your character run parkour through many obstacles. However, you are not allowed to be afraid of them, instead, bravely face and overcome them without getting injured. If you hit the spikes, you need to start OvO Game again from the beginning. Run, jump, slide and dive to overcome all obstacles. Ahead is the destination, just go there, you can level up.

Why is OvO Game worth trying?


Mastering the game is completely possible as long as you master the controls in the game. It can even be said that OvO Game's gameplay is quite simple but addictive. Jump and move with the arrow keys. To slide while sprinting, press the down key. Sliding forward, jump to get higher in the air. While in the air, smash by pressing the down key to pass through transparent platforms. After using the smash attack, hit the up key button to jump higher.

Interesting features

  • A lot of the game's levels
  • Diverse character skins. You can freely change and enjoy this colourfulness.
  • 2 modes: easy and hard. You can play the mode that suits your skills.
  • On the desktop, you can change the keys you want to use for movement in the options.

Some games like OvO Game

There are many games in the side-scrolling game genre like OvO Game. Players can try playing some prominent ones like Pixel Speedrun, Red Tie Runner, and The Speed Ninja.

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