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Dino Jump

Description of Dino Jump

Dino Jump is an impressive running and jumping game. Your dinosaur is in the middle of a vast desert. Can you help it avoid hitting deadly dangers?

For computer users, dinosaur games are no longer strange. Dino Jump was formed and developed based on that legendary game. However, it has been greatly improved to make the game newer and more unique while still retaining its appeal.

Why should you play Dino Jump?

Addictive gameplay

Control your dinosaur to avoid dangers in this vast but arid desert. Your task is to help your dinosaur run, jump, and even fly to avoid collisions with surrounding items. Even if you bump into a cactus, a rock, or another dinosaur... you will lose your life. Game over! Therefore, players need to be really careful and focus on the road ahead.

  • When running, you will click the mouse to jump to avoid obstacles like you will control a cube in Geometry Dash Lite.
  • When flying, you also click the mouse to make the dinosaur fly higher, and release it to let the dinosaur fly lower.

The environment in the game

The extremely interesting thing is that the more you play Dino Jump, the faster the game speed gets faster and faster. Although the race in this game is always a straight line with obstacles, you do not need to turn left or right like in Temple Run or Pixel Speedrun, but it is still enough to make players restless. Obstacles appear more and more. That's why controlling the dinosaur is not simple at all. However, the longer you play this game, the more the environment in the game will change; sometimes, you will run on the ground, sometimes fly high in the sky, and other interesting things will also wait for gamers. That's why Dino Jump is becoming more and more popular and exciting.