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Capybara Clicker

Welcome to an exciting idle game called Capybara Clicker! Are you ready to produce capybaras? You need to try to produce as much as possible!

Why should you play Capybara Clicker?

Super funny gameplay

Since this is an idle game, you don't need to do too many operations to master it. Join Capybara Clicker, your mission is to produce capybaras. From the large capybara in the center of the game screen, you will create more and more mini others. The more you produce, the higher your chances of unlocking game features. You can use those points to buy Click Powers. Depending on the number of points you spend, you can buy different power-ups. Of course, power-ups that carry more power will require more points. You can even buy power-ups that help you produce capybaras without any manipulation.

Simple controls

Players just need to click the mouse on the screen to play the game. Or, tap on the screen if you use a smartphone.

Great graphics of Capybara Clicker

In addition to power-ups, Capybara Clicker also impresses with its graphics. From a simple capybara, gradually, it will be equipped with attractive outfits such as glasses, capes, or hats,... Not only that, the background of the game also gradually changes, even There is also a windmill that appears in Capybara Clicker. Besides, weather changes are also an interesting factor. Sometimes it's sunny, then it's rainy, sometimes there are meteors and other interesting weather phenomena. All will appear in Capybara Clicker. The more you conquer and break records in this game, the more interesting details you will discover.

Don't hesitate any longer, join this game now and master the game even if you don't need to operate the game! Or, if you're interested in games with more complex controls, you might consider Pixel Speedrun or Merge Fruits.