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Raft Wars

Raft Wars is a game about sea battles. Confront pirates, and even evil neighbors who are plotting to take over your property. Can you defeat them?

Set Sail for Treasure and Protect them in Raft Wars

While playing in the sand at the beach, a boy accidentally found a lot of treasure, including diamonds, coins, and jewels. This information quickly spread all over the world, which is why there are many greedy people who want to appropriate these assets.

This online game throws you into a hilarious battle royale. You defend your loot from a motley crew of treasure-hungry foes - all from the precarious vantage point of your trusty raft.

Treasure War

Confront the greedy people

Here, your raft becomes your weaponized platform as you engage in frantic battles against pirates, vikings, and even rowdy gangs! Initially armed with a mere slingshot and a pocketful of tennis balls, you'll need to strategize your attacks and hone your aim to fend off attackers.

Your mission is to use your slingshot to aim and defeat your opponents. Until their HP bar runs out, you win. Sometimes, if you shoot an enemy with enough force, causing them to fall into the ocean, that's a success. If you can complete the goal with fewer shots, you will receive more stars and coins.

Controls: Use the mouse to control this game.

Booty and upgrades

As you progress through wave after wave of enemies, you'll earn precious coins. These can be used to upgrade your arsenal, replacing your wimpy tennis balls with devastating weapons like cannons and grenades. You can even personalize your raft with a variety of wacky skins, striking fear into the hearts of your opponents.

The wacky cast of characters and the over-the-top visuals add to the lighthearted fun, making Raft Wars a perfect game for a casual yet exciting online brawl. You can also find that fun in Stickman Dragon Fight!

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