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Idle Cowshed

What is Idle Cowshed?

Idle Cowshed is an idle farming game. In the game, you take care of cows and then milk them to sell. The more money you make from your dairy farm the better.

Have you ever thought about developing your own dairy farm? Join Idle Cowshed now and make that dream come true! This game will definitely not disappoint you.

Your Duty in Idle Cowshed

Production of cow's milk

Coming to this attractive game, the player's task is to build, expand and manage their dairy farm. Starting the game, you only have enough money to open a cowshed. You need to diligently feed dairy cows, milk them and put them into the production line. From there, cow's milk will be packaged and transported for sale. After earning money from the first stable, players can expand their farm and earn even more money. That is also your goal in Idle Cowshed!

Expand the farm

As mentioned, to earn more money, in addition to diligently taking care of dairy cows, you also need to spend more capital to expand your farm. Players can upgrade the first cowshed to raise more cows, and improve milking speed and movement speed. Then you expand more cowsheds and upgrade them in turn.

There is a note for you, which is that the later the barns are, the more capital you need to spend to build and upgrade them. However, they will also bring you higher productivity, and better income. Also, pay attention to wolves, sometimes they will break into your farm to steal cow's milk. Click on them to chase them away.

Suggestion for you

Because this is an Idle game, similar to Capybara Clicker, players can even play the game and gradually achieve their goals without too much manipulation. After upgrading your farm and dairy facility in Idle Cowshed, the game can even operate on its own. Of course, your direct participation in the process will bring better productivity.