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OvO Dimensions

What do you know about OvO Dimensions?

OvO Dimensions is back and promises to bring an addictive running platform to gamers. Are you ready to explore the complex mazes of this game?

As a new version of OvO Game, this game retains all the essence of OvO, but it is also improved to become much more attractive than the original version. If you compare the graphic design, you will be overwhelmed by the game's investment. It is designed to be much more eye-catching, the challenges in OvO Dimensions' mazes become clearer, more refined and more beautiful.

Play OvO Dimensions for fun

Explore the maze

The game is designed with 30 different levels, each level represents a part of the game's maze. They are becoming more and more complex and dangerous with deadly traps. Either you always stay alert to overcome them, or you will be trapped and killed. In addition, players can use coins to unlock 5 more levels, especially Desert Temple, The Ascent, OvO Space Station, Planet X, and Chaotic Dimension.

Trying to overcome everything to reach the finish line in each level is your goal when playing OvO Dimensions. In particular, every time you pass 5 levels of the game, you will receive new skins. You can choose to use that new skin or not by accessing your skin collection.


  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Press the down key to slide.
  • Press the up key to jump. Combine the up key and left/right key to fly in the specified direction.

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