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Cluster Rush

Reach the destination in Cluster Rush

Cluster Rush is a thrilling running and jumping game. Players jump on containers to reach the finish line as long as they don't fall out of the containers.

A thrill ride on trucks

This game is an exhilarating game that throws you into a non-stop race across a constantly shifting landscape - with a twist. Here, the ground is replaced by speeding trucks, and your goal is to navigate this ever-changing terrain by jumping, sliding, and clinging for dear life.

Simple controls

Cluster Rush boasts deceptively simple controls. You'll use arrow keys or a joystick to move left and right, a button to jump, and another to slide under obstacles. But don't be fooled by the basic mechanics. The real challenge lies in mastering the timing and precision needed to navigate the ever-evolving truck highway.

  • Use the arrow keys to navigate.
  • Press the space to jump.

Have fun with Cluster Rush

As you progress, the trucks speed up, the gaps widen, and obstacles like swinging hammers and moving platforms appear, testing your reflexes and decision-making skills. The constant threat of falling off keeps the tension high, making every successful jump and daring slide a mini-victory. While avoiding obstacles is crucial, Cluster Rush offers another layer of challenge. You can actually grab onto the sides of trucks, allowing you to climb and swing from one to another. This adds a unique parkour element to the game, opening up new paths and strategic manoeuvres.

Successfully clinging to a truck and pulling yourself up adds an extra layer of satisfaction to your run. It's a constant race against the clock and gravity, where every well-timed jump and climb keeps you in the game.

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