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Tag 2

Description of Tag 2

Welcome to Tag 2 battle for survival! Can you defeat other opponents and become the only one to survive without being affected by the bombs?

Why is the game called Tag 2? After starting to participate in battles in this game, you will understand the reason and meaning of the game name. Basically, when players receive a bomb, they will have to follow other players as a tail to "tag" them by passing the bomb to others. So Tag 2 is named like that.

The Addictive Gameplay of Tag 2

Play solo in the game

To participate in this war, you need to choose a representative character and name it. In a not too large space, players will face off against about 5 other players. Your mission is to try to become the last survivor. When playing the game, if you are the one who receives the bomb, you need to chase other players to pass the bomb to them. When the bomb explodes, anyone holding or near it will be affected and eliminated from the game. The game will end when there is only 1 person left alive. So, if you are not the one holding the bomb, try to run and stay away from the bomb!

How to control: Use the WASD or arrow keys to move. In which, use the W/ up key to jump.

Play with your friends

Tag 2 allows players to enjoy fun with their friends. You can play the game with one other person or more. However, the game will be more fun when there are many participants. Randomly select a player or volunteer to be the bomb keeper when the game starts.

Also, don't forget to complete daily tasks to receive more special gifts. You can also unlock many exciting features of Tag 2. Don't wait any longer, join the game and enjoy the fun now!

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