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Red Tie Runner

About Red Tie Runner


Red Tie Runner is an extremely impressive running game. The player controls a stickman to conquer challenges and reach the finish line safely. Don't fall!

Are you a gamer? Do you love running or racing games? If those are your criteria for choosing a game, then Red Tie Runner is not a bad choice.

Why is it called Red Tie Runner?

The reason this game has such an interesting name is simply because the main character in the game wears a red tie. The image of a skinny and dark stickman running but with a red tie around his neck made a big impression on gamers. While its gameplay follows a quite familiar motif. Therefore, the game was named "Red Tie Runner".

Instructions for playing the game

Your duties

Coming to the game Red Tie Runner, you will play the role of a real runner. Transform into the stickman who will conquer all dangerous platforms. Your mission is to run towards the green door which will take you to the next level. However, to reach the destination, players need to go through countless challenges. You need to run and jump from one platform to another. It can be said that this is like a journey to conquer your height. Sometimes you will be floating in the blue sky, if you can land safely on the platforms, the game will continue. But if you fall down or fall down, you have to start over from the beginning. Don't let stickman's screams ring out!

Control instructions

  • Left arrow key - Run left
  • Right arrow key - Run right
  • Spacebar - Jump

Tips and Tricks for Winning Red Tie Runner

  • As mentioned above, mastering this game will be extremely challenging. However, if you master the basic rules of the game as well as the tips below, your journey will be much easier and more enjoyable.
  • Holding the spacebar longer will help your stickman jump higher and farther.
  • Don't let your character hit the spikes, and they can kill him.
  • Tap on the red flags to turn them green. When the flags turn green, they are checkpoints for you. That means when you fall, you will start again from the checkpoint instead of the starting line.
  • Red Tie Runner includes many levels with increasing difficulty. Players will face more and more challenges, be careful.
  • Watch out for lava! It can kill you. However, unlike Pixel Speedrun, the lava in Red Tie Runner can rise and threaten the stickman's life. Be more agile, jump higher and don't let the wind blow the stickman away. Otherwise, the lava will swallow him whole.

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