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Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite brings players to a world of extremely perfect running. Overcome all obstacles to reach the finish line and enjoy the joy of victory!

Geometry Dash Lite - A Game Worth Trying

Game of speed

As a legend in the running game genre, Geometry Dash Lite has never been hot. The first and also the official version of this Geometry Dash game series has never once disappointed gamers. Perhaps thanks to both the game's attractive graphics and gameplay.

Similar to Pixel Speedrun, you also control a cube when participating in this game. Your mission is to help this colorful cube avoid all dangers, such as spikes, walls, or even ice. In general, to survive in the game, you need to help your cube move carefully in the spaces until it reaches the finish line. It sounds quite similar to Pixel Speedrun. However, there are differences between them. Geometry Dash Lite takes you to a side-scrolling world where your cube goes, and the path appears. That reminds me of Red Tie Runner. Meanwhile, Pixel Speedrun's maze will appear right from the start of the screen.

How to control

  • The player uses the mouse. You click the mouse to control your cube
  • In Practice mode, press the Z to set up a checkpoint and X to delete it.

Some Interesting Features in The Game

Geometry Dash Lite provides up to 15 different maps for players to enjoy. Each map will have differences and different difficulty levels. Thanks to that, runners will not get bored when playing this game. In particular, on each map, you can access Practice mode to practice and get familiar with the map. Then, master the main game to compete with other players around the world.

The game also impresses by providing an extremely diverse collection of skins for the cube. Players can collect coins during the game and use them to unlock new skins. They are extremely special with a variety of shapes such as UFOs, ships, animals,... And you can even customize the color of your cube.