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Tomb of The Mask

About Tomb of The Mask

Tomb of The Mask is famous for being an exciting, fast-paced running game. You need to explore a maze of hidden treasures and dangerous challenges.

Exciting adventure

Tomb of The Mask breaks free from the traditional platformer mould. This exciting game takes place on a vertically scrolling screen, where you guide a persistent explorer on a never-ending descent into a mysterious tomb. Donning an enchanted mask that grants wall-climbing abilities, you navigate treacherous platforms, dodge deadly obstacles, and collect precious gems.

Simple controls

With a simple tap or press, you make your intrepid adventurer jump and cling to walls. But beneath this accessible surface lies a surprisingly good depth of gameplay. Mastering the art of chaining jumps, expecting hazards, and strategically collecting power-ups becomes essential for reaching ever-greater depths. Basically, the controls of Tomb of The Mask are quite similar to the game Pixel Speedrun 2.

Endless Challenge of The Game

The tomb's depths are procedurally generated, meaning the layout changes with each new attempt. This endless variety ensures a fresh challenge every time you play. As you delve deeper, the game throws increasingly difficult obstacles your way, keeping you on your toes and pushing your reflexes to the limit.

While dodging hazards is a core part of the experience, Tomb of The Mask offers more than just reflex-based action. Scattered throughout the tomb are collectible gems that serve multiple purposes. Gems can be used to unlock new masks, each offering unique abilities that can alter your playstyle. You can also use them to revive yourself after a fatal tumble, ensuring your tomb run continues.

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